Dear My Mr.Coach

Dear My Mr. Coach ….

I am happy with the 7 goals in last week. Greatest victory from you so far. I am happy with the 3 points. I was pleased to see the team was at the top of the table.

Thank you, Sir. Thank you so much.

But, I am Sorry.. I don’t like you.

I gave a welcome at Turin, it does not mean I love you. I tried to love with you in a way to pretend. Pretending that I like you. Hope to really loves you. But it turned out that theory of “the distance between hate and love is near” does not apply to my feelings to you.

I know, I did not have the power to kicking you from your position. I’m nobody, Sir!

I only ordinary people who love the team that you are trained. Trust me, I loved Juventus. So much!

This statement also was nothing. It’s just a voice that I stand for 3 months….The claim that you might not know.

Now, I only hope victory from you.

Your statement about do not need to be a hundred points and always win to be the champion is so shit. A proof that you don’t know the meaning “Vincere non e importante e l’unica cosa che conta“.

Please…don’t say it again. Never ever think about it again, Sir!

Please sir, don’t give Juventus bad results… Please…

I don’t like you, but I really hope to you.

The champion is absolute, Sir!

Hold on to the end of the season. Bring the champion in us, then you have to go.

Yours Truly;